My clinical practice with individuals, couple and families draws from a range of integrated theoretical models, but is heavily influenced by systemic approaches. Systemic psychotherapy has been shown to be effective for people experiencing family and relationship difficulties, mental health difficulties, separation and divorce, eating disorders, violence, self-harm, drug and alcohol misuse and the effects of trauma.

Systemic psychotherapy aims to:

(Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice)

As a systemic psychotherapist, I am interested in taking account of the context of people's lives; their family and other important relationships. I value people's own belief systems, their ideas about problem formation and their ideas about change. I have no agenda as to what I think it might be useful for you to talk about; you are the expert of your own life. Together we will negotiate how we can work together towards the changes that you want to make in your life. Sessions last for an hour, and therapy can be short term or long term. You are free to finish therapy at any time without explanation.

I am experienced at working with a range of mental health difficulties including: